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Domain History of The Law Office of S. Mitch Howie

By Lonnie Nelson

About website

The Law Office of S. Mitch Howie website was made for Attorney Mitchell Howie, better known as “Mitch” to Huntsville. The provides information about the legal services that they offer. Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Wills & Probate, Motorcycle Accident, Corporate Law, Workers Comp, and Family Law are the practice areas offered by The Law Office of S. Mitch Howie. Their office was located at 100 South Jefferson Street Huntsville AL 35801. To read other related articles, visit Divorce Lawyer News.

Service offered in The Law Office of S. Mitch Howie Website

The landing page of the website provides information about Mitch Howie. Mitch Howie has the legal knowledge and expertise to guide you through the most complex legal issues, from prenuptial agreements to divorce, from adoption to estate planning, from starting a business to the bankruptcy, and everything in between. He can review contracts for you or write contracts to meet your specific business requirements. In Huntsville and North Alabama, Mitch Howie has been providing dependable legal advice and honest representation for more than 30 years now.

It also has a legal service page; first on their list is the Bankruptcy practice area. As per the website, Mitch Howie has helped hundreds of clients successfully in restructuring their debt or completely avoiding debt with his help in bankruptcy laws in North Alabama. Next in their practice area is the Personal Injury Law. As per the website, Mitch Howie can help their clients to get the best settlement if they had an accident. Also, as per the website, Mitch received a Client Satisfaction Award from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys in 2016. 

Third from their practice area is the Wills & Probate Law. If the client needs assistance after losing a parent or other loved one going through financial documents, personal affairs, and paying bills can be confusing. Mitch Howie will be able to guide them in the process of filing their loved one’s last will and testament. The fourth practice area from the website is the Motorcycle Accidents. As per the website, Mitch Howie is not an avid fan of motorcycles as he prefers horses. But Mitch Howie handled many motorcycle accidents and most motorcycle cases he handled are severe and devastating. Mitch Howie can help their client to document the loss of property, medical complications, lost wages, and other losses caused by an accident.

Family Law is the fifth practice area on the website. As per the website, Mitch Howie was awarded the Client Champion Gold Distinction from Martindale-Hubbell. For more than 30 years as a divorce lawyer. Divorce, legal separation, annulment, paternity, DNA tests, child support, visitation, modification, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements will not surprise Mitch Howie anymore. The last two practice areas from the website are corporate law and workers’ compensation.

The Law Office of S. Mitch Howie had the pleasure of incorporating many businesses in North Alabama. Mitch is an experienced corporate lawyer who can advise their client on many business issues, this includes bankruptcy and debt consolidation, or defend the companies from any lawsuit filed. Last but not the list from their practice area is the Workers Compensation. As per the website, Mitch Howie has over 30 years of experience in handling worker’s compensation claims. 

The also has a testimonial page for those visitors who want to read feedback on how the law office of S. Mitch Howie helped them in their cases. Some of the testimonials are:

  • Mitch’s professionalism and care for my interests during a complicated legal process were exceptional. From start to finish, I could always depend on Mitch to clearly communicate the law, my available options, and my desires to the court. All of which helped me navigate my bankruptcy. Highly recommended! –Jason, client
  • I’ve been lucky enough to have Steve represent me in a couple of areas, both having a great outcome. I would not even waste my time contacting another attorney – he is on my speed dial list and will remain there. –John, client
  • Mitch is a very communicative lawyer. He keeps you very informed of your case. He returns to emails promptly. I learned to “trust your lawyer”. If you want your case settled, Mitch Howie can do it. -Rebecca, client

About Mitchell Howie

Mitchell Howie was born and reared in Huntsville, Alabama. He graduated from Huntsville High School in 1972 and went on to practice law in Huntsville. Following his undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in 1976. In 1980, he graduated from the University of Alabama’s law school with honors.

After working in the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico and practicing law in the state of Texas for several years, he returned to his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, to raise his family and establish his own law firm. He has been practicing law in Huntsville since 1989. Since 1985, Mitch has been a practicing attorney on the north side of Madison County Courthouse Square, but he has since relocated one block away to 100 Jefferson St., which is located at the crossroads of Jefferson and Clinton Avenues, just west of the Clinton St. parking garage.

His wife Debra and Mitch share a property in Madison County, Alabama along the Flint River where they raise horses, two dogs, and three cats as well as a flock of egg-laying hens. Mitch attempts to help his wife with the farm and gardens while still finding time to unwind by the river. He is married with two children.

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